As a personal project, I am working on Sidekick, an app that would help young working parents prioritize their daily tasks and bring some sense into their chaotic schedules. What started out as a simple way for parents to have an overview of their day evolved into a more refined system for working parents to keep track of their to-do's and events, as well as to coordinate schedules with their spouses. 

My Role

Product strategy
UX Design
UI Design
Affinity mapping
User interview
Usability testing
Card sorting

The Challenge

With this project, I felt it important to establish a solid foundation before getting too deep into building the app out, focusing on real struggles that working parents face when managing their family needs. As someone outside of the target audience, I had to make sure to utilize user interviews and usability tests to ensure I'm addressing the right needs and help create a better experience for working parents.

My Solution

A consistent struggle between the parents I interviewed was a way to keep track of things, which involved multiple levels. For my first iteration, I worked a way to help with managing to-do's and coordinating schedules between spouses and family.