recalibrate: body care for geeks

As part of my Package Design class, the Recalibrate project was intended to create a packaging line that differed from those existing. I was inspired by "geeks" — being one myself — and the unexpected ways I can design a package for that audience.

Designer:  Ruzanna Rozman

Designer: Ruzanna Rozman

My Role

Brand direction
Product research
Graphic design
Art direction
Logo design


The Challenge

Most geeks that I know are some of the most hardworking people, but usually at the expense of personal hygiene, which prompted me to shine light onto their passion with this project. How can I present my product in a way that rewards the consumers? See more of my thought process here

My Solution

Pulling inspiration from 16-bit arcade games in color and aesthetic, I created a body care look that evokes joy and excitement about hygiene. The packaging design is unconventional to differentiate itself from other body care products and is playful in its tactile experience.

This project was selected for the following awards: