popped: misconceptions of condoms

Condoms can be an awkward topic, yet are so important in helping prevent unwanted pregnancies and the spread of diseases. Created as part of my senior Portfolio class whist at the Savannah College of Art and Design, I imagined the campaign to be in collaboration with Planned Parenthood. The campaign, called Popped, would be a series of posters debunking myths that would help bring awareness to the dangers of improper or lack of use of a condom.

The display type was created physically, gluing balloons into letterforms and popping them, before importing them into Photoshop to manipulate their colors. The idea of physical "popping" then led to the idea figuratively; the debunking of myths and misconceptions, which then led to the conception of this fictional campaign, albeit a fun and provocative one. Research, process and execution were done by myself.

Designer: Ruzanna Rozman

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