oovoo: a collaborative social app

ooVoo connects people around the world with video calling, messaging and collaborative content creation. As a Product Designer with Krush Technologies, my Design team and I conceptualized and redesigned the app. Our goal was to preserve the essence of ooVoo as a communication tool while updating its user interface and adding a new feature that would set it on par with its competitors. We worked closely with our front-end and back-end developers in providing a valuable experience in the app.

In addition to developing the UI and UX of the app, I was tasked with establishing a consistent design guideline, a defined brand direction for the product, email templates and marketing materials including banner ads, social media graphics, postcards and t-shirt designs.

More information on ooVoo can be found on oovoo.com

Company: Krush Technologies
Creative directors: Chris Wire/Matt Farrell
Designers: Ruzanna Rozman/Justin Couchot/Luke Moderwell/Matt Gregg


Chains are a collection of short clips, linking together to create a collaborative platform for self-expression and genuine connections.