oovoo: a collaborative social app

ooVoo connects people around the world with video calling, messaging and collaborative content creation. As a Product Designer with Krush Technologies, my Design team and I were tasked with rebranding and implementing a new feature into the app.

Creative directors:  Chris Wire, Matt Farrell;  Designers:  Ruzanna Rozman, Justin Couchot, Luke Moderwell, Matt Gregg

Creative directors: Chris Wire, Matt Farrell; Designers: Ruzanna Rozman, Justin Couchot, Luke Moderwell, Matt Gregg

My Role

Product strategy
UX Design
UI Design
Email HTML
Banner ads

The Challenge

Our goal was to preserve the essence of ooVoo as a communication tool while updating its look and adding a new feature that would set it on par with its competitors. We worked closely with our front-end and back-end developers in providing a valuable experience in the app.

Our Solution

We placed a focus on creating connections and took cues from popular social media apps among our target audience to determine where ooVoo would fit in. With the new feature implemented, we introduced a new way to find interesting people and easier to add them as a friend. The rebranding included bold elements to reflect the big change, including an updated color palette and iconography. 

It is with sadness that I write of the shutting down of ooVoo. It is no longer available for download. I've written about my experience here, and captured our work (as much as I can) in the design prototype below.


A New Look

ooVoo's much needed rebranding took it from looking outdated to feeling clean and purposeful.


Introducing "Chains"

The new feature implemented is called Chains, which is a collection of short clips, linking together to create a collaborative platform for self-expression and genuine connections. With Chains, we hoped to improve discoverability of relevant content based on user interaction.


A New Way to Communicate

To promote our new aesthetic, we extended our rebranding into our marketing materials, including email templates, social media graphics and printed postcards for our street teams to hand out.


Connect from any device, cross-platform

With a goal of creating connections, ooVoo is made available on major operating systems on mobile and desktop, including a web app on Chrome, to ensure that our users have the ability to always stay connected.