it's your chemistry: microsite game

Playable and background characters were created for a microsite game, as part of the It’s Your Chemistry campaign for Ohio for Responsible Gambling.

In this game, we bring to life just how powerful dopamine is. As players gather coins, “DopaMean” encourages and reinforces the excitement of playing and winning. As the game progresses, it becomes impossible to avoid obstacles, and players’ coin accounts continually drop. During the downfall, DopaMean taunts — and even forces — players to continue, demonstrating the controlling power the chemical has over problem gamblers.

Play the game here.

Ad agency: Northlich
Creative director: Dan Rapp
Associate creative director: Laura Gels
Copywriter: Terry Dillon
Background designer: Laura Gels
Character designer: Ruzanna Rozman
Developers: Erik Olsen, Jason Bachman